The administration view of the traditional workplace provides graphical interfaces for most of administrative tasks. Here you can explore it's structure and find general information about the different tasks. To get more detailed information on a single task, please look for special topics on the task.


You get to the administration view by opening the traditional workplace (select "Show workplace" in the page or sitemap editor's context menu) and then choosing "Administration" in the "View" drop-down of the workplace's menu bar.

The main administration view in a default installation looks as follows:

Fig. [administration_overview]: Overview on the administration view

To use the administration view efficiently you should be aware of

  • The context specific help. Whenever you hover over a button/link you get a hint on what the link is for. Also when you see question mark signs at input fields, hover over them to see hints in the help box.
  • The overview on administrative tasks allows you to easily switch between tasks. This is even more important, since, during a session, the administration view will reopen in the sub-menu you left it.
  • The breadcrumb navigation helps you to not lose the overview - in particular for tasks that have more than one submenu.

Administrative tasks

Here you get an overview on the administrative tasks you can handle via the administration view. We describe the tasks available in a default installation.

It is possible to add administrative tasks via additional modules.
Tasks available in the default installation
Project Management

Get an overview on the existing projects and historic project. Create new projects and manage existing ones.

Publish Queue

View what was published when.

Account Management

Manage users, groups, roles and organizational units.

Database Management

Import and export data and some additional tools.

Module Management

Import, export, create, delete and manipulate modules. Here are many options available.

File History

Change the history settings or delete the history

Link Validation

Search for broken internal links in the current project. If you use the link gallery, also external links can be validated.

Gallery Overview

View and edit galleries of various types (e.g., image or download galleries).

Search Management

Use the search and replace function to search resources and alter content as specified by patterns. You can also view, rebuild, add, delete or edit search indizes, adjust index sources and field configurations.

Scheduled Jobs

View, add, delete or edit scheduled jobs.

Site Management

Configure, add or delete sites.

Cache Administration

View or flush the different caches used by OpenCms.

Content Tools

Various tools to check, repair or edit contents.

Workplace Tools

Various workplace-related tools.