The containers in a container page template are dynamically filled up with content. To render such content or enrich it with special JavaScript functionality, certain formatter specific CSS styles or JavaScript sources may be necessary. OpenCms allows formatters to add CSS styles and JavaScript to a template. The mechanism is called head includes. It has the following advantages:

  • Scripts / styles are included on demand.
  • If several elements on a page require the same scripts / styles, they are included just once.
  • Scripts / styles are closely tied to the formatters that employ them.
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Enabling head includes in a template

To enable head includes in a template the <cms:headincludes>-tag has to be used in the <head>-tag of the template:

<%@page taglibs="cms" %> 

  <!-- ... -->
  <cms:headincludes type="css" />
  <cms:headincludes type="javascript" />  
Attributes supported by <cms:headincludes>
type (required)

Type of the allowed includes. Allowed values are css and javascript.

defaults (optional)

List of CSS / javascript files that should be included by default. The files are given as “|”-separated list.
Example: defaults="%(link.weak:/path/to/my/default.css)|%(link.weak:/path/to/my/alternative.css)"

closetags (optional)

If set to true, the HTML-tags produced by <cms:headincludes> are all closed according to the XHTML standard. Otherwise they are not explicitly closed if not necessary - as common practice.
Default: false

detailtype (optional)

Set the value to the type of the container that has the attribute detailview set to true. This may increase performance.

detailwidth (optional)

Set the value to the width of the container that has the attribute detailview set to true. This may increase performance.

Configuring head includes for a formatter

The CSS styles and JavaScript that a formatter employs should be added to the formatter configuration. Formatter configurations are XML files (of type formatter-config) that are editable via the form-based editor. Multiple CSS or JavaScript includes can be added - either inline or as links to files.

The editor looks as follows:

Fig. [headincludes_formatterconfiguration]: Adding head includes via the formatter configuration

2.1 Deprecated way to configure head includes

The formatter configuration was introduced in OpenCms 9.0. Before, head includes were configured in the XSD that defined the content type. We strongly recommend avoiding this old method of adding head includes.