Via the cache administration, you can flush the different caches and also get an overview on the cached items for flex and image cache.

The cache administration user interface

In the administration view, choose "Cache Administration" to get to the cache administration. The cache administration view is devided in two sections

  • Browse Cache Contents
  • Cache Flushing Tools
Fig. [cache_administration]: The cache administration view

Browsing cache content

Flex and image cache can be browsed. When browsing the cache content, you get information on the cached files listed in a table. Extra information can be shown or hidden for each file. Moreover, some general statics about the cache is displayed.

Fig. [browse_flex_cache]: Browsing the flex cache

The flushing tools

Some of the cache flushing tools provide extra options. Here we provide an overview on these options.

Flushing tools and options
Flex Cache

For flushing, you can choose if you want to flush the cache for online resources and if you want to flush the whole cache (keys and variations), or only the stored variations of HTML output.

Core Cache

Core cache flushing, flushes always the whole cache. No options are available.

Image Cache

The image cache flushing tool allows to specify a date, such that only images (image variations) are removed that have not been requested after the given date.

JSP Repository

The JSP repository can only be flushed completely. Afterward, all JSPs that are requested must be exported to the server again, before they are executed.