In OpenCms you can set permissions for each resource in the VFS. We explore how to use the dialog to set permissions.

The permissions dialog

If you have yourself the according permissions, you get at each resource (file or folder) the entry "Permissions" in the resource's context menu in the explorer view. If you choose that option, the following dialog appears.

Fig. [permissions_dialog]: The permissions dialog
Sections of the permission dialog
View selection

The permission dialog has two views: "Summary" and "Details" view, where the details view provides some extra information, e.g., from which resource permissions are inherited.

Responsibility information

Lists the users that are declared responsible for the resource. If a job of type org.opencms.notification.CmsContentNotificationJob is run, responsible users are notified via email in special situations (the resource will shortly be expired, released or outdated).

Information on inherited permissions

List of all permissions that are inherited from parent folders.

Information on directly set permissions

Information on directly set permissions, responsibilities and inheritance behavior of permissions. In this section permissions can be added, deleted or altered.

Adjusting permissions

When you open the permissions dialog for a VFS resource, you can add, delete or alter permissions on the resource for

  • single users
  • groups of users
  • roles (at some system folders only - normally you do not change these permissions and we ignore this setting here in the documentation).

The options for each user, group or role are shown in Figure [permission_options].

Fig. [permission_options]: Available permission options on resources

Each "real" permission can be allowed, denied, or kept unset. Read here about the three states of permissions. Moreover the following options are available:

  • Responsible: If checked, the user or group is declared responsible for the resource (all resources in the folder).
  • Overwrite inherited: All inherited permissions that are set for the user/group at parent folders are overwritten. Note that thus permission get (by intention) unset again.
  • Inherit on subfolders: If checked, the set permissions are inherit to subfolders.

When you click "Set", changes made at the permissions are persisted. If you click "Delete" the permissions that you set for the user/group are deleted.