Here you find information about licence, purpose and structure of this documentation.

Aim of the documentation

The documentation aims to help developers from getting started with OpenCms up to getting familiar with advanced development topics regarding OpenCms. Some topics are also interesting for content managers, but most of the documentation is focused on template development, content design, configuration options and user management.

Using the documentation

The documentation is mainly topic based. Each page can be your first page when reading it. And dependent on your pre-knowledge and your current question, each page can be the perfect place to start. If you get lost, links may bring you quickly to the missing information. Some pages just provide overviews on topics to help you getting the "big picture".

The documentation provides some interactive demos. Some features are best explained by seeing them in action and playing with them. The topics placed in the section "Demo" provide such demos. To use them you must read the documentation in your local OpenCms installation. It is shipped with the standard OpenCms installation.

2.1 Searching in the documentation

The documentation provides various ways to navigate:

  • Site navigation: At the left-hand side of each page of the documentation you find a site navigation. It may be a good way to just browse the documentation or to search for something you cannot name exactly enough to search it directly.
  • Integrated search: The OpenCms demo pages contain a site-wide search that is perfectly suitable to search inside the documentation. Use the magnifier in the right-hand side of the main navigation at the top of each page to start searching. You should restrict the results to the documentation subsite and to container pages for optimal search results.
  • (Related) links: Each topic itself is richly linked. Use these links to find related topics, read more details or get a more abstract view on a topic.
  • Overview topics: Overview topics provide an alternative to the site navigation. Some of these topics link also to external resources. Watch out for overview topics if you want the "big picture" of some concept, task or feature. Starting from an overview topic you can easily move on to various special topics.


This documentation has been developed by Alkacon Software - The OpenCms Experts. We offer standard service and support packages for OpenCms, providing an optional layer of security and convenience often required for mission critical OpenCms projects. For more information about our services, please contact us at

This documentation is published under the GNU FDL Free Documentation License by Alkacon Software GmbH. We certainly welcome all contributions and feedback to this documentation.