The traditional workplace is somehow the "back office" of OpenCms. It provides two main views:

  • Explorer view on the VFS
  • Administration view, a GUI for most administrative tasks.

The workplace typically has not to be used for content editing or structuring of a website. Therefore, use the ADE editors. But, the template developer and also the system administrator will have to work with the traditional workplace.

Overview on the traditional workplace

The traditional workplace can be reached via the context menu of the page or the sitemap editor choosing "Show workplace".

It has two main views that have an identical menu bar that looks (in the default configuration) as follows:

Items of the default workplace' menu bar

Allows you to switch the project.


Allows you to publish resources


Allows you to view the publish queue.


Allows you to select the site.


Allows you to switch between Explorer and Administration view.


Allows you to reload the Explorer/Administration view.


Allows you to configure the user-specific, mostly workplace related, settings.


Shows you the integrated help.


Log out and redirect to the system's login page.

Additionally to the menu bar, a status bar is displayed at the workplace view's bottom. By default, it displays status information.

Fig. [workplace_statusbar]: Statusbar of the workplace

Views of the traditional workplace

We describe the views of the workplace in separate topics. The views are